WBFF 2X Diva Fitness USA Champion

Tyra Love is The WBFF Two-Time Pro Diva Fitness Model USA Champion. Born in Iran, Tyra was an active and athletic teenager. At the age of 15 she had already begun her training in various sports. Soccer, basketball, field hockey and volleyball. It was in high school when she had joined the weight lifting class and found her true passion for health and fitness.

In 2010 she entered her first bikini competition and fell in love with the stage. She received her Pro Card with The WBFF in 2012. As the journey continued, Tyra was crowned and titled twice as the 2016 and 2018 WBFF Miss Diva Fitness USA Champion. Her passion has always been into sports and fitness. She has honed and refined her physique for over 15 years and will show you how she achieved it. A seasoned strength and conditioning professional, Tyra has worked with countless women and mentored other with her driven and focused approach.

This website will give you. A route into the life of an athlete. The innovative training protocols, the diet and nutrition, the training supports, opinions and nutritions and supplements along with the mindset required to succeed in building a good solid physique. A comprehensive look at the dedication to her work as well as being a mother. Tyra inspires hundreds of women through leadership and example, helping them suppress their training goals in a natural, focused and healthy way. Welcome to Tyralovefitness.com

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