frequently asked questions


The 30-day challenge entails a commitment for a period of four weeks or 30 days, during which you will engage in exercise and provide me with weekly progress photos. The top three individuals who display the most significant transformation will receive a cash prize of $200. The meal plan will be provided as part of the challenge.

To get the most out of our Online Classes you’ll need: 

  • Dumbbells (5lbs-15lbs)
  • Resistance Bands (Booty bands)
  • Stability ball
  • Chair or bench 

The workout sessions are 60 min. 

No! There are no refunds on any purchases made, even if the services was partially used.

The minimum requirement to be a member is two months. After the second month, your membership becomes month-to-month.

Member may terminate this agreement by, sending a written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to the next monthly dues date. No further charges shall accrue after such cancellations.

All sessions are recorded, please add your name to the workout recording request time slot and you will be emailed a link to the recorded session.

Yes, there will be modifications but you must be cleared by your doctor before you start your program. 

Yes, I welcome all fitness levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced.  

Meal plans and supplement guides are included with the Premier Unlimited Membership.


Now is the greatest time to start training. Delays and missed chances might result from waiting for the correct moment or conditions. Start your goal-setting journey today.